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Your choice...
At Springfield Pregnancy Care Center, we provide 
free pregnancy testing options counseling, and help with a variety of services you may need.

These and many other types of resources and referrals 
are available to assist you. 
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Write as little or as much as you feel comfortable with sharing. 
We promise 
to keep it in 
the strictest confidence.
You are 
facing a choice,
possibly the most important decision
you will ever make...
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We're here for you 
Monday, Wednesday
and Friday from 1-4pm
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   Saturdays we will 
come in to meet with 
you by appointment.
You have questions...
       ...we can help you find answers.
      How can I be 
  sure I'm pregnant?

    If I am, how will 
    I break the news 
   to my boyfriend? 

     To my family?
     To my friends?

      What about school?  My job? My dreams?

Will I be able to keep my baby?
How do I find a good doctor?
And what do I do about money? 
Call 413 732-2006, send us an email
or plan to visit SPCC today.
We care about you and respect your privacy; 
your information will be kept completely confidential.
About Us

Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to...
Because sometimes you just need someone to talk to...
  413 732-2006
704 Sumner Avenue, Springfield, MA 01108
How we can help...
Choice assumes that you 
are fully aware of all the 
options available to you. 

At Springfield Pregnancy 
Care Center, you'll be 
empowered with the accurate, 
up-to-date information 
you need to make 
that informed decision. 
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